Cleburne, TX

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Barely noticeable

To truly get rid of unwanted hair while keeping your skin smooth, waxing is the way to go. Hair has a mind of its own, growing randomly and unevenly from your shoulders to your feet. Let us help you make your body hair-free with the most comfortable and pain-free wax you've ever had.


You can look forward to your beach vacation knowing your skin is bare and smooth. You can proudly show off you elegant skin.

Smooth moves for men

Waxing is just as common for men as it is for women today. Both men and women grow unwanted hair. Don't be embarrassed. Come to The Look Salon for a waxing that will leave your skin smooth, the way you want it, male or female.

Providing expert body waxes in the Cleburne area since 1990.

Benefits of waxing over shaving

  • Lasts longer

  • No cuts or rashes

  • Waxing makes hair grow slower

  • Smoother skin

  • Fast and convenient

Call today for a full body waxing, including face and brows!


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